Guangzhou baiyun international airport
Release date:12/29/2016
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Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport (through Baiyun International Airport) is located in the provincial capital of Guangzhou city, guangdong province, China, a large civil Airport is located in Baiyun district and town and xinhua street, huadu district, huashan town, east of town, from the center of Guangzhou haizhu square linear distance of about 28 kilometers, 18 kilometers away from the Baiyun International Airport.Airport belongs to guangdong airport management group company, from guangzhou baiyun international airport co., LTD., operations management, provide air service for guangdong guangzhou and the pearl river delta urban agglomeration.It is a China southern airlines, hainan airlines, fedex, the shenzhen aviation hub airport and the focus of the China international aviation airport.

Guangzhou baiyun international airport opened in the summer of 1933, the original is mainly used for military purposes, after transformed into civilian use.After the reform and opening, as the old baiyun airport is located in the city center, after several expansion but still are unable to meet the demand, new construction of the new airport is imperative.Started on the new airport in August 2000, at a cost of 19.8 billion yuan, took four years for completion on August 2, 2004, and in the same year on August 5, the official opening of zero, and the services for over 72 years old baiyun airport is closed.

This is our first according to the central concept of airport design and construction of airport.The first phase covers an area of about 15 square kilometers, the terminal area according to meet the requirements of the passenger throughput in 2010 2010 design.Its terminal building area of 370000 square meters, existing are connected by a main building, floor, refers to the gallery, and an elevated nest, is divided into four layers, is the domestic airport terminal, all facilities in the building to achieve the international advanced level.Baiyun airport elevation of 15 metres (50 ft), a total of two concrete runway, the width of 3800 m by 60 m respectively 20 l and 3600 - meter runway 02 r/x 45 meters of runway 02 l / 20 r.Among them, 20 l runway 02 r/standard is 4 f, can satisfy the existing at present the world's largest passenger aircraft airbus A380 heavy landing, all at the same time more and consider the future aircraft take-off and landing would;02 l / 20 r track meet 4 e class the following all heavy take-off and landing aircraft.In addition, in the east on the east side of the runway 680 meters planning has a third runway.Baiyun airport tarmac with a total area of more than 900000 square meters, including passenger apron, goods transaction, airline tarmac (including maintenance transaction).

Ferry operation since 2004, the guangzhou baiyun international airport to realize the rapid growth of the passenger throughput in a row, a successful implementation across many times: transitions that year, 2004, or 20 million a, 2007 passed 30 million person-time, 2010 across the 40 million mark.To every three years the growth development of net increase of 10 million passengers, 2003 before the ferry was ranked 70th in the world of baiyun international airport will be ranked 15 or so this year, become one of the world's most improved airport in recent years.

At present, as one of China's three major hub airport of guangzhou baiyun international airport with more than 33 airlines set up a business, 123 regular flight routes at home and abroad, access more than 100 cities at home and abroad, including domestic routes 86, 50 international and regional routes, every day more than 500 flights, nearly 30 kinds of security models.In 2014, guangzhou baiyun international airport were sent up to 54.78 million passengers, passenger throughput in China 2;Cargo throughput in China 3;The flight take-off and landing vehicles measured 41.2.

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